Vintage Material Supply Co. reclaims and sells vintage timber and lumber, primarily old-growth longleaf pine, sinker pine, sinker cypress, and native Texas timbers. Our mission is to salvage all grades of wood for adaptive reuse as new products for residential and commercial building applications. We strive to use 100 percent of all sound reclaimed material.

We offer complete milling services, including resawing, flooring, and custom architectural and historical millwork. Applications may include (but are not limited to) post-and-beam structures, exposed trusses, doors, windows, stair treads, wall paneling, fireplace mantels, and custom furniture—both freestanding and built-in.

We also offer consulting services in vintage wood reclamation, and we specialize in locating unusual wood items, such as old timber or log structures, for relocation and reassembly.

We have been involved in woodworking for more than thirty years, and each of us brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our business. Although we have specialized in working with antique and vintage woods for a number of years, we are constantly upgrading our tools and equipment, as well as broadening our knowledge of the latest technology (we now own and operate a Computer Numeric Controller, for example). Our goal is to provide our clients with the best possible service and a broad range of options for their projects.